Our dog Rocket has been wearing your color IDs since 2009. Rocket is full of energy and I like knowing that if he ever gets lost that his contact information is easy for anyone to see. My husband and I carry the wallet IDs of him also, as added insurance. People at the dog park and at Rocket's agility training class often compliment his "driver's license.”  We joke that he could drive himself to the dog park, if only he had a car where he could reach the pedals.  People frequently ask where they can get one for their dog and I'm happy to tell them.  The quality and customer service at MyColorID.com is fantastic.

Cindy V. Santa Clara, CA


We purchased your collar IDs for our 2 cats and adorable Havanese puppy and have enjoyed them very much. Brinkley liked his so much that he promptly ate them both but fortunately, you had sent us wallet size IDs to try also, so whenever he's not with me, I flip out HIS "Driver's License" and everyone is amazed at what a GREAT idea this is and, of course, how adorable Brinkley is! Price is very reasonable. Quality is perfect. They're a hit everywhere we go! Thanks for such great products!
Betsy H. Willow Glen, CA 



 I absolutely LOVE my IDs!! These are far better than the metal tags you get that only have room for limited information and no photo. I recently discovered another use for my dogs ID.  It was used to return a lost memory card from my friends camera. The card was dropped and found by someone who took it home and viewed the pictures trying to find an address in hopes of returning it to the owner. It just so happens that some of my pugs photos were on this stick, They were wearing their IDs and the person zoomed in and was able to get my last name and address from one of them. I received the stick in the mail with a note explaining how I was found....I was amazed, and needless to say my friend was ecstatic to have her memory card back with so many irreplaceable photos.  I highly recommend these adorable and very multifunctional tags :)
Kathy H.   San Jose, CA